Fire brigade shows 30 rescue lane blockers


A man falls victim to the motorway – and the rescue workers do not reach him because the drivers do not form a rescue lane. As they walk on foot, they are even mocked. The fire brigade now wants to display the blockers.

“It could have been fatal!” – Feuerwehrmann Theo Herrmann is a guest at Hallo Hessen[Videoseite]

Theo Herrmann is still stunned a day later: “They asked me what I would imagine, who I was at all, and I should not make such a circus.” 59 years, Herrmann is old, he has been with the fire brigade Mörfelden for 46 years, now as deputy city brigade inspector – “but I have not experienced it yet.” This is a new dimension, “he says. Furnished, by wild men. And all because he wanted to help a severely injured person.

What happened? When working on a motorway bridge near Weiterstadt, a scaffolding contractor plunged five meters into the ground on a restricted section of the A5 towards the south on Wednesday at around 16:20. The 49-year-old injured himself heavily. At the accident site, a traffic jam quickly developed. Emergency physicians and fire brigades were alerted.

“A few sleepers”

A police car with the signal “Bitte Resettungsgasse bilden” led two rescue cars through the traffic jam, the drivers also drove as required left and right to let the vehicles through – but then meant “a few Schlaumeier”, as Herrmann says they could be behind the Vehicles also drive through the escape lane and thus get faster through the traffic jam.

When three large vehicles of the fire brigade Mörfelden – in one of them sat Herrmann – and an emergency car wanted also by the rescue lane, was now blocked. “For the first two kilometers, we needed more than 20 minutes, and then there was nothing left to stop the cars, grab our Sani backpacks and walk the last 800 meters, with uniform and helmet,” says Herrmann . On the way, they had pointed out the traffic to their drivers – and were laughed at.

“Then I just had bad luck”

“We are there voluntarily,” says Herrmann, “and we are there to help, not to make us fool.” He told people to imagine that they had themselves been killed – “they just say, ‘I just had bad luck.'” Of some 30 particularly brave drivers, the rescue workers took photos, they are to be brought on display on Friday. The Bild-Zeitung had first reported on the new development. It is still unclear whether this is determined by an administrative offense or a criminal offense.

Until Friday afternoon, however, no announcement was received by the motorway police or the police department of Southern Hesse, as its spokesman Bernd Hochstädter said. Mörfelder firefighters had told him that they had already advertised the ads. Perhaps the mail server with the e-mails with many attached photos were asked, said Hochstädter.

Time for the pictures was only because the injured was now only provided: accidentally an emergency surgeon on the opposite direction at the accident site, who took care of the scaffolder, landed on the counter-track of the rescue helicopter and brought the man to a Frankfurt hospital. “But if someone is pinched, and we’re not going through, it’s about minutes, until we’ve fought through the traffic jam for half an hour,” he says.

Rescue lanes are a controversy

Time and again, Hesse is being discussed about rescue routes. Thus the deployment delayed three weeks ago on the A67 at Rüsselsheim by about one hour, because no escape lane was formed or closed again. Two weeks ago, helpers had to run two kilometers on the A7 near Kassel-Mitte . The problem here was: Because of a construction site the highway was so narrow that no escape was possible .

This was not the case on Wednesday on the A5 – the first hospitals came through. Herrmann is the most annoyed about the reaction of those affected. “It always happens that someone is sleeping in the escape road, or people are taking photos, but this absolute equivalency is new.”

How the rescue lane works [Videoseite]


The duty to rescue is regulated in the road traffic regulations in paragraph 11, paragraph 2 . It must be complied with even if there is no emergency situation. Always between the left and the remaining lanes. If you do not stick to it, you will face a fine of 20 euros. Elsewhere, this is more expensive: In Austria the infringement costs 726 euros.

In addition there is the criminal offense “Resistance against persons, which are equal to enforcement officials”, regulated in paragraph 114 criminal code. According to this, “anyone who impedes the fire brigade, catastrophe protection or a rescue service by violence or by threat of violence in the case of accidents or common danger or emergency”

According to the police and prosecutor’s office in Darmstadt, this criminal offense does not exist in the current case. To this end, a determination must be made, as well as violence in the disability of firefighters.